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About us
  • Shanghai Okay Machine Co., Ltd. iShanghai Okay Machine Co., Ltd. is located in Yanghang Development Zone, Baoshan District, Shanghai. We are a hi-tech enterprise, specialized in the designing, development and manufacture of the spinning devices. To improve the domestic spinning process, we have integrated the resources from many enterprises and universities and developed many kind of spinning machines. The sources are from: The Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Building & Automation. Xi’an Amco Machine Tools Co. Ltd. Shanghai Machine Tool Works Ltd., Shanghai Machine Tool Research Institute, Shanghai Siemens Automation,etc.

    Presently, we have manufactured over 20 types of machines:spinning machines diameter between 800~3800mm; Okay FB2500-12mm Flanging and Punching Machine; Automobiles Wheel Hub Flanging Machine, etc.

    Our customers are widely in deference, electrics, iron & steel, ships, sapphire crystal, automobile parts, ventilation, wind power, medical facility, automobile, port facilities, fire-fighting facility, etc.

Our Services
  • —To manufacture all kinds of spinning machine.

    —To develop and manufacture the special spinning machine according to the requests of customers.

    —To offer the technical supports for special spinning, design the spinning procedure .

    —To offer the services for modification and improving the customer spinning machine.

    —To offer the mechanical part and software upgrading for the customer spinning machine.

    —To offer the technical support and after sale services for well-known spinning machine.

    —To offer the spinning processing techniques for all kinds of raw materials, such as SST, Copper, AL, Titanium, Niobium, Tungsten, Molybdenum, Zirconium, etc.


Our company specifically for wind machine industry in the development of okay800 okay1200 okay1600 three special spinning machine,     more...

Food industry from the beverage cans, packaging machinery, filling machinery, cooking utensils and other aspects     more...

Spinning technology can complete bomb warheads, nose cone, aviation bomb, torpedo projectile, gun shell, shell, gun tube,     more...

Architecture, urban water supply industry parts with large diameter, thickness and other characteristics, the application     more...

Many parts of the grain machinery industry are also used in spinning process,Including planting, processing, transportatio    more...

Sapphire crystal is the base material of LED lighting equipment, is also the key of the defense industry material, has     more...

What We Delievr
  • Our belief is to attentively manufacture every detail perfectly. We believe the success come from each details. Only if we worked meticulously, our company could develop smoothly and have an impregnable position in this fields.

    For the highly competitive markets, our company insists on:"Quality is our capital, and Reputation is our life".


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