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本设备主要用于旋转件的冷旋压成型,可对普碳钢、铝合金、不锈钢等材料进行旋压生产,广泛应用于五金、汽车、风机、军工建筑机械等生产领域。可一次完成旋压、缩口、扩口、修边、卷边、车削等工艺。彻底改变拉伸加工中模具费用高、周期长及大深度产品拉伸道次多等缺陷,具有产品升级换代速度快、成本低的特点。This machine is mainly used for cold spinning forming for carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel and other materials. It is widely used in the fields like hardware, automobiles, fans, military & construction machinery, etc. The machine can fufil the spinning, shrinking, expanding, trimming, curling, turning in one process. Caparing with the traditional  drawing process, Spinning can dramatically save the cost for moulds, shorten the cycle for developing new products and reduce the defects for many paths when deep drawing. The spinning has great advantages like low cost, and rapid to develop new products and good surface of the finial products, etc.

加工方式:                                        卧式数控旋压
Processing Style:                              Horizontal CNC Spinning
原料直径:                                        maxФ2050
Diameter for Raw Materials:           maxФ2050
旋压深度:                                 1000mm
Depth for Spinning:                  1000mm
材质:                                                铝、铜、碳钢等材料
Raw Materials:                   Aluminum, Copper, Carbon Steel, etc.
厚度范围:      max 8mm (抗拉强度约是380MPa普碳钢)
                                max 9mm(抗拉强度约是230Mpa铝材)
Thickness for Raw Materials :      
Max 8mm (tensile strength about 380Mpa, Carbon steel)
      Max 9mm (tensile strength about 230Mpa, Aluminum)
技术指标Technical Specification:
X轴向位移X Axial Displacement:          700mm
Z轴向位移Z Axial Displacement:           1200mm
X、Z移动速度X、Z Speeds:          max    6m/min
X、Z轴额定推力X、Z Rated thrust:        100KN
双芯距Distrance between centers                   1600mm
轴向定位精度Axial Positioning Accuracy:           0.05mm
重复精度Repeat Positioning Accuracy:                 0.05mm
主轴转速Spindle Speed:       50—500rpm
硬件配置Machine Configuration:
控制方式:            西门子828D CNC数控系统
Control Style:              SIEMENS 828D CNC System
进给动力:            西门子伺服电机
Feed Power:         SIEMENS Servo Motor
驱动控制:            西门子S120
Driven Control:    SIEMENS S120
主轴动力:             55KW电机
Power for Spindle:      55KW Motor
主轴控制:            55kw西门子440系列变频器
Spindle Control:   55kw SIEMENS440Series Frequency Converter
尾座:                    液压缸伸缩
Tailstock:              Hydraulic Cylinder
滑台:                    HIWIN重载直线滑轨;滚珠丝杆
Slider:                   HIWIN Heavy Load Liner Slide;Ball Screw
刀架                        4工位电动数控刀架
Toll Turret:               Electromotive 4 tools
液压站                 10MPa,25L/min
Hydraulic Station:   10MPa,25L/min
设备总功率            80KW 
Total Power:            80KW
电源电压                380V±5%    50HZ(可根据客户要求)
Power Supply Voltage:  380V±5%  50HZ(According to the needs)
Environment Temp:     -5~40℃
设备占地                长6600mm*宽4100*高2200mm
Machine Area:          L: 6600mm;W: 4100;H: 2200mm
设备重量                约 13500KG
Weight:                    About 13500KG


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